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Presenter is DMus Peter Peitsalo


FRIDAY 27.8.2021



Musical ability and musicians

Professor Tuire Kuusi

Professor Tuire Kuusi works as the vice dean (responsible for research and doctoral education) at the Sibelius Academy and as a professor of music research in the DocMus Doctoral School (Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts, Helsinki). Her research interests are in music-theoretical concepts and their concrete representatives in music. She has conducted research on the perception of chords and continues this as the PI in an ongoing project ”Unveiling the mystery of harmony” with PhD Iván Jimenéz. She has also carried out research on the effects of music in an individual’s life.


Gregorian chant and wellbeing

DMus Hilkka-Liisa Vuori

Sound, mind and body resonance.  Sensorial experiences and modality in chanting.

Hilkka-Liisa Vuori’s pedagogical method is based on her teaching of Gregorian chants and BirthSounds. The sound producing is very meditative with a gentle approach to listen to one’s body, sound and space. The aim is to use natural tunings and a tender but firm intonation, which form basis for relaxation and wellbeing through resonance and listening. The tools are simple vowel sounds and Gregorian chants with their modality.


ATTENTION! This workshop is in the Organo Hall


Sirkku Rintamäki

A Voyage of discovery into the soul of the hymn – approaches to affect-based hymnal practice


SATURDAY 28.8.2021



A church musician at work between profane and divine

Kaija Huhtanen

The daily work of a church musician takes place in a holy context – in churches and chapels – which are dedicated to a special use. Services and ceremonies, like funerals and weddings, constitute the regular working days of church musicians. What does a professional church musician personally regard as holy and divine? Does he/she find divine elements also in music? How does he/she avoid routine in the daily work? Is there any connection between professional growth and the growing understanding about holiness? 


Kantorns yrkesidentitet

Anna Helenius

Hurudan är kantorns yrkesidentitet? Föredraget baserar sig på en forskning som på basen av ett intervjumaterial granskar drag i yrkesidentiteten hos tio kantorer. Uppmärksamhet fästs vid bl a kunnande, engagemang, värderingar och motivation samt vid kontexten för kantorers yrkesidentitet, församlingens driftsmiljö.


“The Hymns of My Life”

Riitta Jukkola

“The Hymns of My Life” – The meaning of hymns in the course of life

I look at the significance of hymns in the lives of informants who find hymns important to themselves. The framework of the study is phenomenology and the method of data collection is open interviews. In the presentation I will focus on describing the research process and preliminary results. Riitta has a Master of Music degree from the Uniarts Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy Church Music Degree Program. 


Vär(l)den och det lokala i musicerande i kyrkan – exempel från Namibia

Jan Hellberg

Through video recordings and interview material, we take part of how members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia seek their own musical expressions in their local part of the worldwide church.

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